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The Trend of Online School Management Software

Our school bought into the trend two years ago and began the software to use both “Edline” and “Gradequick” in combination with each other. Edline allowed our school to build a linking website to our home page that included a class schedule and forms for parents and staff. It also allowed teachers to build their own class websites and place updated quiz, test and project dates on a calendar for parent access. It provided students and parents with a code and password so that they could receive updated information and view current grades. Gradequick was a separate software program that connected to Edline and was used to upload grades into a web-based service that sent the grades to Edline for viewing. Edline also allowed for a combined test, quiz and project calendar for the entire secondary staff. In this way, we could control the number of major tests or projects students would be taking on a given day.

However, Edline was not without its flaws. It was not a comprehensive system. It required a separate grading program. It didn’t have interesting features like lesson plan uploading or behavior reporting for online archive files. It didn’t give administration access to individual student schedules.

So, after some consideration, our school switched to “Renweb,” which is a more complete school management software. They are currently attempting to make their program web-based this year instead of software-based, but it includes a variety of functions including lesson plans for archive, uploading of PDF files for parents to download, academic and behavior documentation and medical histories. It allows the schedules of students to be posted and for teachers to post grades using the same software system. Attendance can also be taken on the system.

So here is my question: It seems to me that school management software is now the ongoing trend. However, which system is the best to use? Which system is comprehensive, yet affordable? Which system has excellent customer service and less “kinks”? 

I would like to invite my readers to comment on the systems their public or private schools use and rate the following areas on a scale of 1-10: affordability, user friendly, functions, customer service, and time-saving. Basically, give me the name of your software, the main website from the software company and then rate the following areas. Provide a brief comment with your rating.



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