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School Department Communication Online

Our school is in the process of writing curriculum, and I have been chosen “Department Head” by default. I have been at the school the longest, and am the one with the English degree who has taught the most amount of “English” classes, so somehow I am supposed to lead the rest of the English crew into curriculum alignment.

This year our school will undergo accreditation, and one of the recommendations of the accreditation team that came two years ago was to communicate within the department. So far no time has really been allocated for department meetings, and I’m not even sure what I would say within the department that would make people willing to stay after school. So here is my solution: Create a WordPress blog specifically for accessing standards, asking questions, interacting as a whole school unit. We can make it a fun place and include pictures of people I “caught” doing something cool in the English department. I could talk with teachers about how they use the new textbooks that we bought for this year, and give ideas for the other teachers to use.

So will it work? Stay tuned.

If you’ve ever attempted something like this in your small school for teacher-teacher interaction, let me know, and let me know if it was a success or a complete failure.


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On Gender Roles and Inclusion.

I ran into a very interesting blog today that especially brought up some interesting questions concerning the “award” system of schools, the disparity between the treatment of boys and girls in schooling situations and also information concerning inclusion. I highly recommend reading this blog, which was very thoughtful about bringing up some key issues. If you get a chance to read it, I would like to hear your comments on my site about the Christian teacher’s perspective on this issue and whether or not you see this happening in your schools.


This blog is posted with permission from the original blogger.

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