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My husband Alberto and I chaperoning a school eventAnna has taught in the Christian education field for six years as a secondary English teacher, and will beginning her first year as a sixth grade teaching in an Orthodox Jewish school. Through this forum, Anna hopes to provide a connection point for Christian teachers, whether they are located internationally or in the U.S. Through this connection point and blog forum, teachers can receive inspiration to pioneer more programs, develop themselves professionally and provide their students with the best education possible. This site is for all teachers who happen to be Christians, whether they are teaching in a Christian school, a homeschool or in a secular setting. As Christian educators, we must dedicate ourselves to excellence and raise up critical thinking Christian young people to make a difference in our world.


6 responses to “About the blogger

  1. Thanks for the comment, Anna! I’ll be sure to stop by here regularly – great concept! It is hard for teachers to network with other Christian teachers, especially when we’re working for public schools and want to find useful strategies to give glory to God in a secular classroom.

  2. Bernard Bowers

    Great to see such a beautiful and thoughtful site developing Anna!

    I too went to small Christian school (in Kenya) for some years, also a large (Irish) convent school, a private school and finally a conservative grammar school for boys in Northern Ireland…!
    SO a UNIQUE perspective on questions that I now grapple with as a state school teacher in Scotland:

    *am I a Christian who teaches or a teacher who is a Christian?
    * is it time for Christians to leave the state (public) school system and invest our resources in Christian schools?
    *What does it mean to teach “christianly”?

    A praying teacher in Scotland,

  3. Thanks, Bernard, for your feedback. You bring up a very interesting question: What is a “Christian Teacher” or “Teacher-who-just-happens-to-be-a-Christian” anyway? I believe that Christian teachers operate under certain core beliefs:
    –That every child is a unique creation of God and therefore worthy of our respect and love.
    –That God has mandated His desire that we guide children in understanding ethical issues and making right choices in life.
    –That teaching is not just a job, but a vocation and a means of giving glory to God with your life, your identity and everything that you are.
    Definitely, WHERE you teach sometimes influences your treatment of these three core issues.
    Perhaps your comment will spark off a whole new post! 🙂

  4. Hi there Anna. I would be honored if you quoted my blog. No need for permission. I like what you’re trying to do here…I wish you the best in your endeavors.

    Grace and Peace


  5. Thank you for this connection point between Christian teachers! I am a science/theology teacher at a Christian high school in California and I have created a senior theology class for our students who will be pursuing careers in the sciences, to help equip them with the knowledge and wisdom they need to stand up for what the faith when they enter the secular colleges and universities. Science has such a strong authority in our society, and I believe that we need more teachers who can inform our students on how science and theology interact, and that there are reasonable answers to some of the toughest questions that they may have. I have recently started a blog to share with other teachers what I am doing with this class, and to provide them with an easy source for information that they can incorporate in their own courses. May I include the link to my blog in hopes that other teachers may benefit from it?

    Reasonable Answers

  6. Anna,
    Thanks for stopping by my site. I think my response to you got lost in the shuffle. Anyway, I would be glad for you to use my post In Defense of Homeschooling (or any others). Just be sure to give me credit for any quotes. Thanks.

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