Why Teach in a Christian School?

For some of us, teaching in a Christian school inspired a variety of reactions from friends and family. Some accepted it and supported us in our decisions. Others thought we were crazy and trying to brainwash children. For those of us who traveled overseas, the responses were even more varied. Believe it or not, an African-American man in a bi-racial relationship actually told me that he didn’t believe in American teachers going overseas because “we had plenty of kids that needed teachers in the U.S.” It definitely made me think of the values of a multicultural and international education. I will clarify that this site is for supporting ALL Christian teachers, including those who do teach in the public school arenas. There is, indeed, a need for Christian teachers in our public schools, and it is a calling in an of itself that deserves respect. However, it wasn’t necessarily the answer for all of us.

So why did you make the choice to become a Christian school teacher? And why do you continue teaching in a Christian school? What is the draw? What are the pros and cons? Feel free to share your thoughts here to inspire others who may be thinking about a career in Christian school education.


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  1. I became a Christian teacher as a last straw in the teaching field. I mean, I taught for five years in public school and became so overwhelmed with the task of being the salt and light in a world that could easily envelope me, draw me in. I realized that all my life, I was taught by Christian influences that I needed Jesus to be the center of it. However, no one modeled that for me. We had one section of our lives set apart for God, Sunday mornings, sometimes evenings, Wednesday nights and the occasional holiday that didn’t happen to be caught up in all of the materialism. The rest of our time, WE were the center. SELF. One day I realized, if I wanted my own children to make Christ the very center of their lives, the one thing around which everything else revolved, I would have to show them how to do that. I also realized, I could not do it while immersed in the secular world. I do not want to lose my witness to the world by being totally separate, but I needed to learn to be totally focused on Him. Teaching at a Christian School gives me that freedom.

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