The Teaching Mom

Now that I am currently around 9 weeks pregnant, the topic of motherhood and working in the field of education has crossed my mind more than once. This manifests itself in two different ways: 1. I find myself wondering how women find the time to be teachers, mothers and wives all at the same time. 2. I find myself growing excited about the prospect of being able to be the first and (in my opinion) most important educator in my child’s life.

Firstly, my belly is growing, and the nausea is definitely up and running. Not only am I concerned about getting through my hectic full-time teaching schedule without throwing up during the day, but I worry about how much I will be able to keep up with these special projects that I have given myself to do this year. (AKA take on a new English Honors class for the first time.) But I think that the fear goes beyond that. I know that as a single woman I found it difficult to balance my time between work and my husband. Household chores piled up, paperwork piled up, and some days I was just very tired from the stress of juggling it all. Keeping up with grading and lesson planning takes work, and even after 5 years of teaching and finding different shortcuts, it is still a daunting task. Will I be able to be a full-time teacher and a mother at the same time? On this level, I admire women who not only have the choice to stay at home with their kids, but also homeschool and therefore more efficiently combine both motherhood and education into their lives. As for those of you who are full-time teachers and new moms at the same time, feel free to give me tips on how to survive this! 🙂

2. My husband laughed at me and said, “Our kid already has a library, and he/she hasn’t even been born yet!” It’s totally true. I was 2 months pregnant when we went to the bookstore and started searching for the best kid’s books of all time. I bought magnetic letters and numbers, and a friend gave me some Baby Einstein CDs… I recently read and commented on a website that discussed the necessity of preschool, and I guess it just depends on how much energy I can give to my baby to make sure that he/she reads as soon as possible. (I’m an English teacher, so the reading thing is important–can’t you tell?)  Again, readers, feel free to give me tips on the best books/tools of all time to help your baby get the best headstart possible!



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2 responses to “The Teaching Mom

  1. andrealudwig

    I don’t know how encouraging this will be, but I did try to work at a preschool and be a mom to two kids, ages 6 and 4. I struggled with it for a year and a half and then gave up, stayed home, and haven’t worked much at all for 10 years now. yes, my girls are 16 and 14 now, and we have a son who is 6, too. I homeschool the girls and hope to put our son back in public elementary school after homeschooling him for 4 months. Just know you always have a lot of options, and God will be faithful to guide you!

  2. brindijo

    I stumbled on your site. I teach English/Reading full-time and have a 2 year old and 4 year old. It is difficult to manage at times. My biggest concern is always the guilt about being gone from my children through the day. After much prayer, I found the perfect private day care. I can leave them in the morning knowing that they are receiving the best care. For me, teaching is my ministry. By finding great care for my children, it allows me to continue my ministry. It is terribly rough some days to balance it all. I made it a mission to complete all of my work, if possible, at school. And I know that an English teacher has the hardest job when it comes to grading and preparing lessons. When I come home, I want to devote that time to my family. You’ll find ways to streamline your work and home. Congratulations on the baby-to-be. You will be able to do it.

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