Teachers Use Summer Vacations for Work, Too!

You know you’re a Christian Teacher Forum candidate if you use your summer vacation to…

1. Review textbooks for the upcoming year.

2. Take your kid on vacation…I mean, a FIELD TRIP!

3. Use the first week just to catch up on sleep–you feel as though you haven’t slept in weeks!

4. Take a continuing education course online or at a local college.

5. Study for the GRE’s.

6. Write an Advanced Placement or IB syllabus.

7. Go on a missions trip.

8. Go back to the States for some much-needed family connection after living overseas.

9. Take over a Sunday School class since now your schedule is “free.”

10. Teach summer courses–Driver’s Ed, anyone?

11. Work at a summer camp for kids with disabilities or disadvantaged youth.

12. Catch up on your reading; You haven’t been able to read for pleasure on a daily basis the entire year!

13. Finish that novel you started last summer…and the summer before…and the summer before…

14. Exercise–it has been sadly neglected lately.

15. Rearrange your portfolio.

Did I miss anything? I’m sure that my readers at Christian Teacher Forum have plenty of things to add. Go ahead and tell me about your summer plans!



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3 responses to “Teachers Use Summer Vacations for Work, Too!

  1. john

    Shot in the dark here. I’m searching around the internet for Christian teachers, looking for someone who might have a vision for helping to start a Christian school for poor children in Nepal…..any suggestions?

  2. I’m so glad to have found your blog! Yes, the first two weeks of my summer are usually spent catching up on sleep and time with family. I do quite a bit of research and planning in the summer, especially in August. I find that if I begin the school year with a month of solid lesson plans, my entire school year goes much smoother.

    May God bless you richly today!

    • Thanks for writing, Gwen! I am finding myself beginning a new school year and teaching a self-contained core classroom instead of a single-subject set of classes. It will be a real challenge. What I am finding out is that the supplies I need are completely different. I suddenly need math, science and history things like manipulatives, an atlas, and science experiment ideas. It’s getting to be costly! My new school gives a budget of $100 for “decorations.” I thought to myself, “Are you crazy?” There are no such things as “decorations” in the classroom. Everything is a learning tool–even what you put up on the walls. And if it isn’t a learning tool in some way, it is not doing its job and is just a waste of space.

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