Technology in the English Classroom

One of the greatest challenges that will be facing me next year is how to best utilize technology in the classroom, whether as an instructional tool, an assessment tool, or simply showing students how English and technology work together in today’s 21st century world. So far, our school is equipped with a fairly large computer lab–around 25 computers network-connected. We also will have a projector and laptop in each classroom beginning with next year. I’ve also talked the school into purchasing a few video cameras for use in creating video projects, and they have thankfully complied. This year, I used my personal portable DVD player for school DVD viewing because we have a limited supply of DVD players at the school, and some of them were missing remote controls or not working correctly.

Despite all of the increasing technology that is being made available to our school, I am facing the challenge of how to incorporate it into my classes and also with the challenge of how to coach a new middle school teacher how to incorporate it into the middle school curriculum, which is even more focused on computer literacy. They will need to be able to film, edit and upload Youtube videos, blog their own portfolios and demonstrate agility with Powerpoint and MS Word. I’m super excited about what the future holds, but I know that I will also need to teach myself how to do these things before I can begin to instruct students in their use.

So here is the challenge for you who view the Forum and want to share lesson plan ideas: Do you have any worksheets, plans or instructional guides that incorporate technology in your classroom as a student project? An assessment activity? An instructional tool? If so, pass the information along to your fellow teachers by either emailing them to me or by commenting on this site. I’m sure that there are many other teachers who are in the same boat here, and need to educate themselves or gather together resources and ideas. Remember–if you have any requests that you would like to be blogged on this site, be sure to let me know! I want this site to be helpful for you, and your needs may be different than my needs as a teacher. Also, if you saw something on this site that helped you, be sure to let me know!



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3 responses to “Technology in the English Classroom

  1. cmtvarok

    Hi Anna,

    I went through a bunch of my technology lessons and was hit again by the “no web2.0” sadness. My district currently does not allow students to publish/collaborate online. However, this project:
    has Web2.0 possibilities. It’s a stock market project for 5th grade students, but could easily be expanded for older students. I can see replacing the PowerPoint with a persuasive YouTube video, and inviting the charities and stock companies to view and comment on them. I can see students setting up a stock market wiki…since so many students take part in mock stock market projects, they would have a lot to share. Good luck fellow teacher friend! 🙂

  2. Thanks! Very helpful! I believe that our students in high school did a mock stock market project in Economics, but I like the persuasive focus of tracking progress and selling the idea of being a charity’s stock market investor based on charts and graphs in a persuasive presentation. Cool!

  3. I just found a new website that allows students to post their full-length videos for FREE! This is an interesting alternative to Youtube, which allows only a limited amount of time. Hope this helps you technology gurus!

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