Digital Portfolios

Currently, student-created digital portfolios are the latest trend, and it just makes sense. In today’s age of technology, digital literacy is fundamental for many of us pursuing careers. We place our resumes online, email attachments to employers, create our own websites, and read online journals. Tracking student progress throughout high school has been for me a challenge as long as the paper-and-pencil method has been in force. Keeping massive quantities of binders and files, sorting them out, and allowing reflection through the years has been an exercise in organization and frustration. Our students next year will be creating their own blogs and beginning their first digital portfolios, but some of you may be wondering how they will accomplish that feat. I have attached a link to this post that may be helpful to you. If you are reading this now, chances are that you already know how easy blogging can be and how easily it can be adapted for use as a portfolio. However, you may want to explore something bigger, better or be able to explain to your employer why a whole-school initiative should be adopted. Feel free to use the information found at the link to help you accomplish this task.


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