Student Entrepreneurs

In our international Christian school, we find that neighboring schools are helping their students learn about business through a student entrepreneurship program. These programs help students learn how to develop, plan and carry out their own businesses while they are still in high school. Since many of our students are bilingual or even trilingual, they are interested in international business as a major in college. For this reason, I think that this type of a program is very beneficial to my Christian school.

However, this type of a program is wonderful whether you are homeschooling, teaching at a Christian school or teaching in a public school. First of all, it provides real-life skills that are useful for students in the future. Homeschooled kids can learn how to plan, organize themselves and work independently while getting the social interaction skills that they need to be successful in life. Christian school kids can use an opportunity like this as a ministry opportunity. One Panamanian girl who attended a secular school said that from their profits, the school required them to give 40% to a charitable organization. If a secular school can use their program for community service, why can’t we? In public schools, resources are even more phenomenal, assuming that you are a Christian teacher who wants to inspire students to social change. You can then help develop this aspect in the lives of your students even though you are working in a secular environment. You can get local church groups in on it as volunteers. The possibilities are endless!

Below, I am posting a website for teachers to get involved in my links section. A training session for teachers is happening in Washington D.C. this summer. If you are able to get there, I would highly recommend it!



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