The Art of Christian Teaching

When I was growing up in a small, Christian school, I frequently encountered the odd person who challenged me with the old Athen-Jerusalem question. Is it possible to be both Christian and educated? Is it possible to be an intellectual and yet believe in religious faith? For those of us in Christian or Catholic education, we will continue to encounter challenges of this sort. We will also continue to confront issues that force us to find balance between meeting the intellectual needs of our students and yet building them into men and women of integrity and Christian character. This forum provides an opportunity for Christian teachers to connect with each other and provide resources and tools for making us a group of better-trained, better-equipped teachers in the Christian education field. If we truly believe in Christian education as a viable field, we should all be committed to improving our professional development for the purpose of offering our students the most professional staff possible. I invite you to interact with the topics by providing feedback, book lists, comments and links that will better help me give all Christian teachers the best resource guides possible!


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